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Nuqat’s new membership program, Sila, offers our community: special discounts, access to networking events, priority previews, free admission tickets to the conference and more exclusive benefits to its members.
Upon signing up to become a member, you automatically enroll and receive an all-access pass to the upcoming year’s exciting events, courses and products.

Annual membership: 35KD (Thirty Five Kuwaiti Dinar) - SIGN UP HERE

Benefits with Sila:

- Free admission ticket to the Nuqat annual conference, not including workshops

- 15% discount on any paid event

- 15% discount on paid workshops and courses

- Access to a set of free courses during the year

- Priority seats to free and paid workshops and courses during the year

- Quarterly E-Newsletter: Receive exclusive up-to-date news on what’s happening in Nuqat.

- Invites/Priority seats to events of interest including: gallery previews,think tank sessions, research discussions, roundtables, film screenings, private musical performances, networking events etc.

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