Carin Ism Co-founder of How To Rule a World

Born in 1985. Carin Ism is the founder of the Future of Governance Agency (FOGA). The agency brings governance innovation and power literacy to the public and its institutions. FOGA conducts research and provides communication services to ideators – as well as packages of ideas to those positioned to advocate and implement the governance systems of tomorrow. Ism is the co-author of “How to Rule a World – a guide to the established and emerging tools for power and governance in the 21st century” to be released in 2020.

Ism leads the group developing the Paris Score – a new layer of compliance to the Paris Agreement based on a transactional data model. The development of this started during Ism’s time as research director for Bitnation, exploring blockchain jurisdictions and how distributed systems, for holding registers and enforcing agreements can be utilised. Ism belongs to the faculty of Singularity University’s Nordic Branch and teaches in two subjects: Distributed Ledger Technology (blockchains) and Governance.

Ism is the principal investigator of the first governance study in a Mars simulation. Ism will spend September of 2019 in the Himalayas, living at 4 500 meters above sea-level, in an isolated environment with a crew to develop a governing protocol for space societies – in accordance with nobel laureate Elinor 
Ostrom’s design principles. Ism is also the project lead of a comprehensive literature review of all that has ever been written on the topic of Mars governance.
Ism is the chair of Effective Altruism‘s Swedish branch, which works to promote longtermism and 
effectiveness in policy, foreign aid and philanthropy.
Previous to this Ism was the Executive Director of the Global Challenges Foundation and led the inception and development of the New Shape Prize – the largest prize competition in the social sciences to date. $5M were awarded to the best ideas that re-envision global governance, which had more than 14,000 teams from more than 180 countries working on ideas, resulting in over 2,700 proposals.
Ism is the recipient of the 2019 Joseph Jaworski Next Generation Foresight Practitioners Award in 
International Policy.

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