Karl Sharro Architect

Karl Sharro is a Lebanese-Iraqi architect, satirist, and commentator on the Middle East based in London. He is a partner at PLP Architecture where he is currently working on a book project entitled The New Arab City (Vol 1: The Gulf). He is co-author of Manifesto: Towards a New Humanism in Architecture which was included in 100 Artists’ Manifestos: from the Futurists to the Stuckists, a survey of 100 influential art manifestos from the last 100 years. His other works include And Then God Created the Middle East and Said ‘Let There Be Breaking News’ and Style: In Defence of Islamic Architecture. He has written for a number of international publications and organizations, such as The Sunday Times, Foreign Policy, Politico, The Atlantic, and The Los Angeles Review of Books. Sharro has practiced architecture in London and Beirut, and taught for five years at the American University of Beirut. He has also spoken on a range of issues such as art, architecture, urbanism, and politics, at MoMA, the Barbican, Internazionale Ferrara, the London School of Economics, Oxford University, Yale, NYU, Chatham House, and many others. Karl’s idea for a ‘1000 Mile-City’ along the East Mediterranean coast was broadcast on the BBC’s This Week’s World as part of the ‘Think Again’ strand, exploring radical ideas for the future.

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