Mona Hamdy Founder of Emotional Particle

Mona Hamdy is a Harvard University PhD candidate and teaching fellow of Applied Ethics researching common morality in the data-soaked, sentient-machine age. Recognizing the need for meaning and truth in the age of deep fakes and AI, Hamdy partnered with Zoe Wolff of LVMH to found Emotional Particle, a future-facing consultancy focused on the scientific and soulful pursuit of a thriving planet, species and ecosystems.

In 2009, Hamdy co-founded the Saudi-based Al Baydha Development Corporation with Her Royal Highness Princess Haifa Al Faisal. A believer in the power of technology to improve the lives of the globally disadvantaged, Hamdy is working with Microsoft Research and Glen Weyl on modeling radically extended market exchange for future social growth and is the MENA region goodwill ambassador for Sir Richard Branson's Global Blockchain Business Council.

She currently sits on the Bretton Woods Committee, the World Bank SDG1 Special Council, Center for Democracy and Technology and the UN Global Council on Poverty Eradication.

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