Reza Abedini Artist/Graphic Designer

Reza Abedini got his diploma in visual arts from The School of Fine Arts in Tehran (1985) and then continued his studies in painting and fine arts and in 1989 graduated from Art University of Tehran. From then on he has been working as a designer, teacher and researcher in the field of Typography, Graphic Design and visual arts in general. Among the books that have been published on his works are: In the Beginning – 2003,Design and Designer (Reza Abedini) – 2004,Vision of Design (Reza Abedini) – 2007, Margin – 2008. Abedini’s professional focus of attention is Persian and Arabic script and Typography and has had numerous lectures and articles on the subject. One of his recent activities in these fields is launching a research group called Dabireh which has published its first issue of quarterly in summer 2010 with the same title ( Dabireh ) covering subjects of script, language, writing and designing Persian- Arabic types and letters.

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