Ziad Abi Chaker Environmental Engineer

Ziad Abi Chaker is a multi-disciplinary engineer. He specializes in building Municipal Recycling Facilities on the communal level going against the trend of a central mega recycling plant. While doing research at Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA, his team developed a technology to accelerate the composting cycle of organic waste in an odorless manner to produce high-grade fertilizer. After returning to Lebanon in 1996, Ziad started Cedar Environmental, which is an environmental & industrial engineering organization that aims to build recycling plants to produce organically certified fertilizers and leave no waste material to be disposed of, achieving ZERO WASTE to the landfill status. Recently, Ziad and his engineering team, after four years of research, developed a new technology which transforms plastic bags into solid plastic panels, dubbed ECO-BOARD, used in the outdoors to replace wooden and steel panels. They have won the 2013 International Energy Globe Award for this revolutionary process.

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