Bahia Shehab Artist

Bahia Shehab is Creative Director with MI7-Cairo working on projects relevant to cultural heritage. She teaches at the American University in Cairo and is currently developing a Graphic Design program for the department of Performing and Visual Arts.
Graduated from the American University in Beirut with a degree in Graphic Design in 1999, she worked as a Creative Director with several multinational advertising agencies in Beirut, Dubai and Cairo, developing international and regional advertising campaigns. She is aso a PhD candidate at Leiden University in Holland. Her research is focused on Fatimid Kufic inscriptions on portable items in the Mediterranean basin and beyond.
Bahia's design work has been on displayed at Traffic Gallery in Dubai-UAE, Beijing International Typography Exhibition in Beijing-China, Haus Der Kunts in Munich-Germany, and Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary in Italy.
Her book "A Thousand Times NO: The Visual History of Lam-Alif" was published in 2010 by Khatt Books in Amsterdam.

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