George Azar Photographer

George Azar, is an award winning Arab American photojournalist and documentary film maker.
Born in South Philadelphia, he won honors at U.C. Berkeley before embarking on a journalism career in war-torn Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan as a contributor to the Philadelphia Inquirer, New York Times, the Independent, the Boston Globe, as well as Al Jazeera English and Al Jazeera Arabic.
Azar is author of Palestine a Photographic Journey, (University of California and Oxford University Press) and photographer of Palestine A Guide, (Interlink), and director of the acclaimed films 'Gaza Fixer , 'Two Schools in Nablus', 'Donor Opium', and 'Free Running Gaza'.
Azar's latest film, the autobiographical, 'Beirut Photographer', premiers on Al Jazeera Arabic in September 2013.

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