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The 2019 conference was the culmination of Nuqat’s three-year research tour to understand and analyse the state of the Creative Economy in the Middle East. The main outcome of the research was that in order to define the Creative Economy, the Arab region needs to establish a new mindset to solve its problems. The talks covered; why we should engage in understanding and critiquing our mindsets, where can the future take us if we change our mindsets, and look at how readapting the mindset can yield pragmatic approaches. 


With these questions, we looked at barriers faced on three levels:


Personal obstacles lie in learning and growing as individuals. We wanted like to motivate attendees to embrace self-compassion and understand the importance of emotional intelligence.


In this discussion dissected age-old social stigmas and cultural norms. We wanted to crush the collective fear of failure and experimentation, and give attendees the tools they need to overcome it.ext and links, or connect data from your collection.


It include bureaucratic governmental and legislative policies, inter and intra-nation dynamics, and our physical environment. In this discussion we instigated conversations and critiqued the mindsets that have shaped the current institutions around us in hopes of creating reform.

2019 Nuqat Regional Conference - Talks

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